Cost of Google Adwords Certification

So many students and professionals generally ask a question that What does it cost to become The  Google Adwords Certified Professional. Here is the break-up of the fee:

Google Adwords Training: 8000/-

Fee for two Tests (Paid to Google): Rs 3200 ($50)+Rs 3200 ($50)= 6400 (Approx) ($100)

So you have to spend approx Rs 14,400/-

Although, Google provides all necessary study material for Adwords Certification. If you do not take any tuition/training class you can save  your Rs 8000/-

* To become the Google Adwords Professional, you need to take two test. One is Google Fundamental Exam and others are Search Advertising Advanced Exam and Display Exam. Fundamental exam is compulsory and one from Search Advertising Advanced Exam and Display Exam you have to take to become the certified individual professional.

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