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What is blog and benefits of Blog:

Blogs are treated as personal websites. It is easy to create a blog. There are several websites on net where free blogs can be created. Blogs are generally used for instant updates. You can publish instant updates of your area, career, subjects, technologies, fields etc to update your followers and friends. To post blogs you need not to get approval as you do in article submission sites. Generally 300 words are idle word limit for blogs. You can submit images, videos and audio files on your blogs. Because of efficiency and easiness, blogs are liked for getting back links. You can create multiple blogs on multiple blog sites and post same content on all blogs. Blogs are even good medium for earning. If you are able to promote your blog and thousands of visitors are visiting your blog monthly, you earn by writing a post for client on your blog. For posting blog on your blog sites, you can charge accordingly. You can run Google AdSense to earn by clicks on the ads.

Amazon has also created affiliate section for blogs. It means you can use amazon’s badge on your blog and if any one buy any book through your blog, you will get decent affiliate commission. Because all blogs are yours and you have complete right on your blogs, you can optimize your websites through linking from your blogs. That’s why blogs are called essential while doing SEO of your website.

Most famous blog sites are Blogger (i.e. and WordPress (i.e. You can create free blogs through these weblog sites. However, you can create blogs in through using your existing Gmail ID.

Benefits of blog:

  • Blogs are good to optimize your website.
  • These are good source for branding and promotion.
  • Through blogs you can update your clients while launching new services on your website.
  • Blogs facilitates you to post your business or product updates instantly on net without any hardness.

On internet you can see a new face of blog i.e. Micro blogs. Twitter is an example of micro blogs.

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