Social Warfare WordPress Plugin: The Only Social Media Sharing Plugin You’ll Ever Need


Social Warfare WordPress Plugin: The Only Social Media Sharing Plugin You’ll Ever Need

We all know how important it is to have social media sharing buttons on our WordPress Website.

Incase you don’t know or want to know why?

Social Media Sharing Buttons are key to drive more (free) traffic to your website and it’s also works as Social proof for your visitors.

In my blogging career, I’ve tried so many social media sharing  plugins to check which can work best on desktop and mobile both but, it was a challenge to find a plugin that can work on Desktop and Mobile.

Few days back, I was check some website and found a great looking social media sharing plugin, which I wanted to have on my website.

so first thing I did is I found the name of the plugin and purchased this very popular social medial sharing plugin.

You might want to know the name of this plugin, right?

The Name is Social Warfare

Before this plugin, I always used free plugins. This is the second time I paid for a premium plugin after Elegant Theme’s Monarch.

Before making any purchase, I checked about this plugin on the internet and found that many known bloggers from WordPress community has already endorsed this plugin, This gave me confidence to purchase Social Warfare Pro.

I’ve been using this plugin for few months now, and here I present my distinctive review of Social Warfare WordPress Plugin.

In this Social Warfare Review, I will share my personal opinion about this plugin and talk about those features which made me keep me using this plugin on All my websites.

I may remind you that this is very uncommon for me, as I’m fond to try out new plugins.

After using free version of Social Warfare WordPress Plugin (Which you can install it from here.) I was very impressed  and just after a week’s use, I made my mind to purchase Social Warfare Pro and I now consider Social Warfare Pro is a must have plugin for every WordPress blog.

So Let’s comeback to the topic & learn more about the Social Warfare WordPress Plugin.

Best 5 Remarkable features You should know about Social Warfare Pro

First thing, let’s have a look at this plugin’s landing page, it shows you social sharing features like another plugin for WordPress.

But there are few Highlighted points on this page which make this plugin remarkably better than any other.

Social Warfare Pro Plugin

We will discuss about all common features a bit later, first let’s talk about this Highlighted unique features of this popular plugin,  this features plays a major deciding role for making a purchase of this plugin.

Social Warfare Pro Feature #1 – Share Count Recovery

Did you know? When you change the URL of a post or page yo will lose all the social media share count of that post/page.

This is also applicable for all websites migrating from HTTP to HTTPS. Believe me when I say this; most of WordPress Beginners ignore this factor while moving their site from HTTP to HTTPS.

Losing a share count doesn’t affect your website’s SEO or ranking, but losing a huge number of social media share count is a BIG mistake as you lose the trust factor which is shown to your visitors by social media share count.

Here comes the First feature Share Count Recovery in action.

With Social Warfare Pro, the plugin give you ability to keep your share count intact after changing your permalinks or switching from HTTP to HTTPS.

You can enable Social Count Recovery from Advanced Settings tab in plugin’s interface.

Social Warfare Pro

Want to know how it works? Here is a Detailed Guide.

“To recover your social share counts, Social Warfare will make two requests to the various social networks. The plugin will send One request will use your current URL permalink structure; the other will use your previous URL permalink structure. Once the numbers have been fetched, if they are not an exact match, we will add the numbers together before displaying them on the buttons.”

Now You don’t need to be afraid about losing your Social share count due to changing your Permalink Structure, Now Social Warfare will take care of this for you.

It’s  also recommended that you purchase and start using this plugin before moving your WordPress site from HTTP to HTTPS.

Social Warfare Pro Feature #2 – Content Protection

Content Protection is a really great features for Bloggers like us, this feature is mostly overlooked by most existing social Warfare Pro users.

Did you know?

Services like StatAFire helps social media users to hijack our best content. This kind of services are mostly used for sharing links by Marketers/hackers.

But for us “Webmasters” this is really BAD as it will cost us to lose our social traffic.

To understand why content protection is really important for bloggers like us, let’s have a better understand on how services like StartAFire really Works?

Here is a informative video

So now you know how anyone can easily steal your Content & Traffic on social media and cause you Traffic loss.

This is where Social Warfare Pro Content Protection Feature become useful for us.

You just need to enable Frame Buster feature as shown below;

Social Warfare Pro Feature 2

Once you enable Frame Buster, it will protect you content from getting stolen by services like StartAFire and it will automatically redirect visitors to original URL of your Website.

This will not only make your metrics more accurate but will also help you to improve your site’s bounce rate.

Social Warfare Pro Feature #3 – Recover Your Tweet Share Count

Social Warfare Pro - Recover Your Tweet Share Count

Twitter decided to stop showing share count on their buttons, which is really annoying for Bloggers.

With Social Warfare Pro Plugin you can enable this feature without any hassle.

Social Warfare Pro Feature #4 – Floating Share Buttons

Did you know what is the biggest mistake WordPress Beginners make when showing social media sharing buttons?


if you ever noticed, A huge number of bloggers place social Media Sharing Buttons Above or Below the content.

While there is nothing wrong in that, but there is one more place which is more effective in achieving more social media shares compared to above/below the content.

Social Warfare Pro - Floating share Buttons

Adding a social media sharing buttons that floats with your content, gives your users the ability to share the content even if they don’t read the content until the end.

Social Warfare Pro, gives you an options to Enable,disable or select the style of your floating social media share buttons.

Social Warfare Pro - Floating Share Button

If you are not yet using this features, Do give it a try and I’m sure you will be surprised by the increased number of social shares.

Social Warfare Pro Feature #5 – Show Most Shared Posts in Sidebar Widget

What Is The Benefit Of This Feature?

Showing your most popular post in a sidebar can help you in many ways, here are few;

  1. It helps you increase more eyeballs and traffic.
  2. Increase number of shares.
  3. it can also help a new visitor about the most popular post on your blog.

Want to know how to do that?

When you install Social Warfare plugin, it adds it’s own widget in your widget list and lets you add “Most Popular Post” widget  in your WordPress Website’s sidebar or footer area.

The options available in this widget are highly configurable, with a bit of practice you can turn it from a good feature to outstanding one.

Social Warfare Pro - Popular posts

This is how the Widget looks on your website:

Social warfare pro - Popular-posts

At the time of writing this post, popular post is live on WP Expert Guides’s sidebar.

These are the 5 remarkably great features of Social Warfare Pro, which makes it worth every penny you pay.

That’s not all, there are so many more features like:

Social Warfare Pro - enable disable share buttons

  • Auto Arrange or Manual Drag/drop Social Media Buttons.
  • Enable or Disable Social Media Share Count.
  • Show Share Count Only After Specific Number Of Shares.
  • Show Share Buttons On Custom Post Types In WordPress.
  • You Can Configure How Sharing Buttons Should Be Shown On Specific Custom Post Types.
  • You Can Add An Hover “Pin/Save” Button On All Your Images.

Social Warfare Pro - Various Share Buttons

This is a Perfect Example of a Great Quality WordPress Plugin.

So we talked about all the great things this plugin has, But there is something I find missing in this plugin.

Want to know what is missing?

Keep Reading…

I personally feel that they should have give a dedicated option to configure the plugin for Mobile site.

This would have given more control over the plugin for Mobile site as well, like;

Enable or Disable a certain button on Mobile version of our site.

But, I Must AGREE!!!

After checking all the amazing features this plugin has, the missing Mobile configuration doesn’t really matter.

Pricing & Conclusion: Is Social Warfare Pro worth your Money?

Social Warfare Pro is the Best Ultimate all in one plugin for your social media sharing needs. As it offers many outstanding features such as Content Protection, Popular post Widget, Social share recovery.

Combining all these features makes it a remarkably great WordPress plugin.

Social Warfare Pro Pricing.

I believe the price of $29 for single site, It’s worth your every penny.

Are you looking for a social media sharing buttons plugin for your WordPress blog?

Social Warfare Pro will be a great addition to your WordPress Site and it is the one I highly recommend to all serious bloggers.

Do let me know which social media sharing plugin are you using on your blog? If you’re already using Social Warfare Plugin, I would really love to hear a review or feedback about the plugin in the comments below.

Since we’re talking about Social Media Sharing Plugin, A little social love is appreciated. Share this Social Warfare review with your blogger friends /colleague on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus or all sharing platform!

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