You should add Analytics tracking code to your site after implementation planning

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You should add Analytics tracking code to your site_______________________.

  • At the beginning of your fiscal year only
  • Before documenting business objective
  • After implementation planning
  • During measurement planning

The Correct Answer is:

  • After implementation planning

Explanation: This is about creating a measurement plan.

The measurement planning cycle consists of the following:

  • Define your measurement plan.
  1. Document your business objectives.
  2. Identify the strategies and tactics to support the objectives.
  3. Choose the metrics that will be the key performance indicators.
  4. Decide how you’ll need to segment your data.
  5. Choose what your targets will be for your key performance indicators.
  • Create an implementation plan.

After defining your business needs and documenting the technical environment of your business, create an implementation plan that is specific to the analytics tool that you’re using. For Google Analytics, this means defining the code snippets and specific product features that you’ll need in order to track the data defined in your measurement plan.

  • Implement your plan.

The next step is to have the web development team, or the mobile team, actually implement the tracking recommendations that you’ve made. In this phase you actually add Google Analytics code in your website or App.

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