How To Write An About Me For A Blog? | PRO Tips [Updated]


In this article, I will teach you about the importance of “About Me” page of your blog. Why the “About Me” page is one of the most important pages of your website.

I will also help you with 5 best tips on how you can write the best about page for your blog.

About me, are the page which ranks higher than other pages on any site.

Now, apart from rankings:

About me, the page is almost always the most visited page on any website. They are very important to your readers.

Your page readers care to know about you and want to be able to relate you to your website.

They will love to see the face behind the blog!


My question for you is:

As now we know “about me” pages receives a lot of traffic, but why most of the “About Me” pages are so Boring?

I find it difficult to understand that we spend days/ months working on our content like a post, but we do not give priority to our About Me page as it deserves.

The About page of your website is the soul of your work and your site. While there is no perfect solution for success,

there are certain things that all the high ranking blog’s About Pages share and you should also follow the same footsteps if you want to write a great one for your website.

I will share 5 PRO tips which will help you to write a great About page you possibly can…

Let’s get started with How To Write Your About Me Page PRO Tips:

Write Your About Me Page PRO Tip #1 – Grab the attention of your readers.

There is not a single way to get this done in general, but I have few pro tips that might help you to spice the content of your about page.

The best and mostly working method is to write your “About Me’ page with the punchy statement that perfectly shows your attitude and style:

Those things which make you yourself!

Nothing hurts more to a reader than reading the same information repeatedly. You page readers already know which page they access while clicking on “About Me“.

So rather than saying the same boring About Me Headline, try something interesting which makes your readers feel interesting.


The other best thing to do is you can include videos and pictures. As a blogger, we all know that Photos creates a great personal connection with your blog readers.

While Videos can help you engage your readers to understand the process of your work / Snapshots / behind the scene of how your products/services are made which creates a trust between you and your reader.

Do not rush with your sales line, make sure to create a human touch in your post:

As if they’re not reading the post, they are listening to it.

This will help you to minimize the bounce rate of your site, and your readers will stay longer on your site.

As a reader, everyone wants to read humanly written content and not something written by bots.

Readers like to know that the site is written by a Human and the person behind a blog/site is worth paying attention to.

The Great example is:

Henley Bond showcasing their bold designer shirts.

As they show their product in a style with a picture, showing a little background of their company, and wrap up everything with their catchy slogans:

“Sharpened in the cutting room, refined in the boardroom.” and “Confidence changes everything”.


That’s a Sharp Looking About Page!


along with your About page, every content on your site including your homepage and landing page – should include a call to action BUTTON!

What is a Call To Action?

A call to action or we also say it CTA guides your readers on where they should go next. it can be a button asking your readers to opt for a newsletter, to inform them about your new posts/developments. CTA can be used to direct your readers to the most popular post on your site or it may take them to your product page.

it’s on you for what purpose you utilize your CTA, It is an important element of your about page.  Don’t play with it. Just make sure to give a reason to your reader to keep exploring your content!

Write Your About Me Page PRO Tip #2 – Show them a social proof

I understand that this might feel bragging (I just Hate it), but believe me – getting positive feedback from your readers gives more credit to you than tooting your horn, when it comes to convincing your readers that you are credible.

This becomes very important when you’re trying to sell something.

Your reader needs reasons to trust you and stories/feedback/reviews about a positive experience with you or links to properly relevant case studies will help them establish you as an authority in your field of work.

So make sure you give them a reason to trust you over the other guy!

I agree that trust and winning stories are earned over the time.

An Advice

Never fake these if you don’t have any real stories with you, it may harm your reputation in the industry instead of helping it.

Write Your About Me Page PRO Tip #3 – Be honest with your reader and picture of yourself

Write a short and simple BIO and add a nice photo to help your readers to connect with you.

And to get a look at real you – REMEMBER- Stay HONEST with your readers.

Make sure you use your about page to cover these things:

  • Who are you
  • What you do
  • Why you do it.

Your About Page is the great place to SHARE YOUR VALUES with your readers by explaining them about what you believe.

And why you started blogging in the first place.

The best way to explain is:

Write you own story and let your readers know how you did it,

so that can keep themselves in your shoe!

Additionally, this should go with saying, but be true & be yourself. 

Getting Organic traffic if really great and there’s nothing wrong if you include some organic phrase that comes naturally to your niche.

Remember one thing:

No SEO can help you if you sound like a robot.

just write your content normally the way to talk – in plain English or layman language.

You should always be open with your readers as this is not the time for modesty!

Readers need a reason to turn to you over competitors,

so you need to give them all the knowledge you ca share with them.

Mention your achievements and inform your readers, why you’re the best knowledgeable person for this job.

As you try to follow all of this, please remember to keep it as simple and short.

It’s important to focus on impressing your readers with your achievements, but then nobody like a never ending ramble.

Which reminds me of next Pro Tip

Write Your About Me Page PRO Tip #4 – Keep your scope narrow and specific

About page is NOT about writing an autobiography.

You will be shocked to hear that it’s also not a place to write your company’s professional history.

Some companies do write their professional story or mentioning the growth structure, for example. It’s fine but the issue is a detailed history may harm your company’s image rather improving it.

The most common mistake is some companies even ignore their customer’s problems and also does not include a Call To Action, it seems they so obsessed with their personal narrative.

The Bottom Line is:

If your company’s history is a very intresting story of your current standings or is it something that your readers can relate to – DONT BOTHER.

There are two key factors:

Keep your message relevant and to the point: Know your readers and only emphasize on your unique selling points (USP).

Unique Selling Point (USP) is something that will help you drive leads to your site and they are from one of the little things that set apart you from competitors and it makes your site the single best available solutions for your readers.

Make sure to highlight these point as your readers might be interested to hear more of them!

Yes, Of course, Knowing your readers is a very important piece of any content you publish on your site. so maintain the same rhythm while writing your “About Me” page. Properly address your readers and explain it to them why you and your motto are important to them.

Write Your About Me Page PRO Tip #5 – Even though it’s called “About Me” page it’s really about your readers.

I saved the most important of this PRO tips for the last because If you learn anything from this post,
I hope that is your content and your “About me” page should create an engagement with your readers.

it sounds crazy, but your readers are looking to see themselves in your shoe and they want to know
what kind of issues you can solve and how they can use your solutions to fix their own issues.


Your readers are not just coming blindly to your site, they come to your site with their issues
and looking for solutions that you can provide.

When they click on “About Me” page, They are not after who you are, they just want to know
what solutions you have to offer them.

Your readers just want to know how you can solve their issue.

Your readers will look for you to anticipate and address their issues, maybe they’re not fully convinced that
the solution is best or maybe they wonder if a competitor would be more helpful for them.

The last thing you would want is for the problems to be unresolved when they leave your site.

There are few solutions available for this,  your credentials may help to put their mind at ease,
of a story of your biggest success may build their confidence in you. some may get inspired by readers feedback
as I mentioned previously.


In my scenario, I mention all my experience and mention a line for my readers to reach me with any questions they might have or I may have missed.

Seems Like Simple option but surprisingly effective!

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The Final PRO tip is to wrap all of this element into a simple, hot About Me page. Your readers doesn’t want to go through the wall of text just to understand your mission.

Do is Sound Impossible?

There is not a single way to get this done in general, but I make sure to address 3 simple questions:

  1. Who? My About Me page should be able to tell my readers about who I am, and why it matters.
    why my readers see that I have good experience in helping people, it helps me get more credibility with
    my readers and gives them a reason to trust me.
  2. What?  This is very important that my about me page tell my readers that what my site is about.
    I call this my Call To Action as I offer to help my readers to learn everything about WordPress
    and start their own blog.
  3. Why? I want my readers to know my stake in the process and understand that
    I started in 2013 to learn WordPress and help others by sharing my knowledge with them.

How you write your About Me page? Do you have any favorite websites, with features that I missed?

Let me know in the comments below!

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