What is Off Page Optimization

Off Page Optimization is very essential to make your website’s popularity. Through Off Page Optimization you not only create popularity, you get back links too. And these even back links play great role to get your website ranked on search engines.

There are various sources to get back links. We mean to say that there are many activities in off page optimization. In Off Page Optimization, the main motto is to get maximum back links from high PageRank sites and on relevant content. Elements of Off Page Optimization are:

  • Article Submission: By just posting your articles in article or ezine sites you can get back links. But each ezine site has different rules to others. Some websites do not allow to post more than 2 links. Many sites set rule to link in 3rd paragraph. It means you can’t link your website in 1st and 2nd paragraph.
  • Blog Posting: Blog is used for instant updates. You can post as many link as you want. But, you should not post more than 3 links in the content 400 words.
  • Link Building: There are three type of link building. 1 way linking, 2 way linking and 3 way linking. Here we’re talking about 2 way linking, which is called reciprocal linking too.
  • Forum Discussion: Same as article, forum sites also have different rules of discussion. On forums you can use signatures for getting back links. But in some forums, you are not able to write your signatures until you participate in significant threads.
  • Directory Submission: Directories are good source to get permanent back links. But it is not okay for inner URLs. Because maximum directories do not accept links of inner pages and when you post link, your link is usually deleted.
  • Question & Answers: Question and Answers are good to make popularity and branding of your websites.
  • Press Release Submission: Press releases are taken as a news and some major search engines use content of press release sites as their news content.
  • Comments On Blog: Comments not only help to rank your blog but also helps to get good back links too. For comment posting, content of your comment should be relevant to your blog.

But these factors work effectively only after your On Page Optimization. These activities helps to get quality and permanent links. However, permanent linking is must.

If you are getting back links from high PR sites but only for a few days, Google an other search engines will not give you priority to your site for those links.

But links to your site should not have “no follow” attribute.

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