What is Directory Submission?

Directories are a kind of website which are used to store businesses and their information. You have seen telephone directory, just like that these are business directories. In telephone directory you can find any number by name. Same here, you can find any business and information about business. In these directories, businesses are listed in relevant categories. There are two type of directories:

  1. Instant directories
  2. Authority websites (Approval based directory).

In instant directories, you can submit your business information instantly. There is no need to be approved. But in authority directories, you can’t submit your website until you are approved by a moderator.

Steps of directory submission:

  1. Place your keyword in “Title” field.
  2. Submit your description
  3. Submit URL, which is to be ranked with keyword placed in “Title” field.
  4. Submit your business or communication mail ID.

If you are submitting in authority directories, which called approval based directories too, you will have to wait until moderator approve your listing. A confirmation mail is sent to your ID, in which you have to click on a link received in a email to continue approval process. Some authority websites provide “Paid Submission” service. If you are interested, you can go through with that service.

Benefits of directories submission:

In search engine optimization, we do everything to get back links and to get our websites ranked. These directories are used to get back links on desired keywords. But some directories sites either do not accept deep links or deep link URL is deleted unless you pay for it. Means, deep link submission are usually paid.

For example:

https://wpexpertguides.com/learn/article-submission/ – This will be treated as deep link URL,

Whether https://wpexpertguides.com won’t.

If you want to get you inner page linked in directories, you may have to pay for it.

  • You get back links from directories to promote your website.
  • These link are permanent and are not deleted if you are paying continuously.
  • Directories provide relevant and thematic links.

There are lots of directories on Internet where you are provided free as well as paid linking. If you want to get more advantage instantly, you should choose paid listing, rather than free.

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