What is and how to do Search Engine Marketing?

Search Engine Marketing is different from Search Engine Optimization. Search Engine Marketing is instant results driven process. You can get desired results in few minute by spending money on search engines.

Google AdWords, Yahoo Ad and MSN Ad center are the example of Search Engine Marketing. This is excellent approach to promote your new business from the first day. Search Engine Marketing is an excellent approach to target your customers. You can get visitors from specific area according to your interest and requirement.

You need not to do link building and need not to write title meta tags, enrich content and even no need to consider page weight. Because you pay for ranking. Another name of Search Engine Marketing is PPC. In this case you just pay for clicks on the advertisement that bring visitor on your website.

That’s why it is called PPC. It means “Pay Per Click”. You are actually given a space where you can write an ad to represent your business and product; wired on search engines by an interface given by Google, Yahoo and Bing. Usually 25 characters space is given for writing title and 35 + 35 characters space to describe your business or show coupons and schemes. You then mention landing page URL, where user is landed after click.

In SEM you get ranking according to your bid amount, targeting the keyword for click and performance of your Ad. CTR is the main term which is considered to determinate ranking of your ad. It is calculated by a simple formula: clicks*100/Impressions. As high CTR you have, as high your site will be ranked. Your targeted bid is not exactly deducted after click.

If your ad is performing excellently and with excellent CTR then you get discount on clicks. It means, you are charged less for a click just because of your ad performance. Few more factors are considered while ranking. Google assign Quality score to every keyword, campaign and ad groups. This quality score is calculated by performance of keyword, campaign and ad groups. Quality of landing page also matter for ranking. You can get higher ranking by spending lesser amount than your competitors by improving quality of landing page and ad copy.

Search engine run their own program to make SEM professionals. You have to take a exam to be a certified professional. This certifications help SEM professionals reach to the next level of their career. Cost of these exams varies from search engines to search engines. In syllabus you are taught by online tutorial, ebooks, video channels and PDF files. Course material to become a Professional Search Engine Marketer is usually available by Google, Yahoo and Bing.

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