What is and how to do Search Engine Optimization?

Mechanism of promotion on search engine is called search engine optimization. Search engine is a place where you can expend and promote your business. But to get your website ranked, you have to make your website SEO friendly. There are only two types of optimization and both are necessary.

First is called Off Page optimization and another one is On Page optimization.

In On Page optimization you make necessary changes in your webpage and make your business website SEO friendly. To make webpage seo friendly few things are considered. There should be meta tags in your all webpages. All meta tags should be unique and informative. Size of your page also matter while optimization. Heavy weight pages take too much time to load on browser. Quick loading pages get more priority than heavy weight pages. So, many SEO gurus advise to use fewer images in webpage to maintain load time. Content is the key of ranking.

If your content is unique and not copied from any site then chance of ranking would be higher. Errors and grammar mistakes are disliked by search engines. Content with meaningful sentence and appropriate grammar is preferred most for ranking. There should be appropriate number of keywords. This type of content is called keyword rich content. Search engines then loves your content. Although, there are three more factors, which is mainly considered to make your content SEO friendly.

  1. Occurrence
  2. Prominence
  3. Proximity
  4. Significance

Google has shown it’s interest in content. You can see in webmaster tool that occurrence is being considered in ranking.

Second foremost thing is Off Page optimization. Getting back links from external websites are called off page optimization.

In this process we link our webpages to articles, blogs and forum site. To get backlinks we do several processes such as posting articlesblogs postingforum and discussion board participation, link building, Q&A etc. Title of web page play great role to optimize your website with relevant keywords. After content and meta tags, last weapon to optimize website is, internal linking.

Your webpages should be internally linked with maximum pages and with appropriate anchor text. Although, web designers provide navigation but contextual linking has its own importance and help to get ranked with priority. Each search engine has its own ranking algorithm. So, factors and mechanism of optimization vary from search engine to search engines. Some factors conflict with others. Alt tag is considered best by Google where as Bing consider to avoid it. Search engine optimization is a continuous process and can’t be finished.

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