What is and how to do Link Building?

Link building is a process to create back links to your website. Link building process help to create link popularity of your website.

There are three type of link building.

  • One way link building
  • Two way link building
  • Three way link building

Two way link building also called reciprocal link building. In reciprocal link building, webmasters exchange links from each other’s website. In one way link building process we do certain things. We post articles on article websites, submit directories, post blogsdiscuss on forums, create discussion boards, create groups and participate in Question and Answer types of activities. The main motto of these processes is to generate back links. These back links help in ranking.

Three way link building is a different approach for getting link. Webmasters generally avoid giving link from their main website. Webmasters usually give link from another website instead of their main website in exchange of getting backlink. If your website has more back links to your competitors, then your website will rank on higher position to your competitors. This is sure. But link building should be done in a correct manner, otherwise website could be penalized. Link should be taken from relevant website.

Links, that are not considered

Links from irrelevant websites are not considered in calculating weightage for ranking in search engines result pages. If your website is related to e-commerce but you are taking links from casino or gambling site, you won’t get advantage because of irrelevant theme. And your website ranking may drop.

Thematic Links

There is a term called thematic links. It means links from website of same theme. If you have shopping website then links for your website should be taken from shopping website.

Important rule while building links

Where your link is being inserted that page should not have “nofollow” attribute. Because “nofollow” attribute stop the flow of pagerank , from “link from page” to “link to page”. But it is advised in link building to use nofollow attribute.

If you are giving link to another website, you are actually passing weight age of your web page. If you are selling links and search engine would recognize then your website will be penalized. So either don’t give links from your website or use nofollow attribute while giving links.

Note That

You usually have one more option. If you want to sell links, sell permanently. Because selling process is recognized by periodically cleaning process. If you are deleting your external links time to time, it is considered as paid links. Link Building is effective way to get your website ranked in short time period.

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