Keyword details data help advertisers to identify New keyword ideas

    Reviewing “Keyword details” data on the Keywords tab will help advertisers to identify:

    • keywords with low Quality Scores.
    • New keyword ideas for a campaign.
    • Potential new placements to target on the Google Display Network.
    • Ad groups or campaigns that should be paused.

    The correct answer is:

    • New keyword ideas for a campaign.

    Explanation: Use the Search terms report to see how your ads performed when triggered by actual searches within the Search Network. Identify new search terms with high potential, and add them to your keyword list. Look for search terms that aren’t as relevant to your business, and add them as negative keywords. This can help you avoid spending money showing your ad to people who aren’t interested in it.

    You can read more here: Ads/answer/2472708?hl=en

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