Irrelevant landing page with popups – user experience

    A user clicks on an ad promoting a sale on sneakers. Upon clicking, the user is taken to a page that does not contain sneakers, but rather discount sunglasses. The user also encounters pop-ups while trying to navigate the site. What should the advertiser do to improve the user’s experience?

    • Ensure that the pop-ups relate to the user’s search.
    • Edit the ad text to promote the sunglasses in addition to the sneakers.
    • Link to the webpage that is relevant to the ad and remove the pop-ups.
    • Provide original content that cannot be found on another site.

    Correct Answer is:

    • Link to the webpage that is relevant to the ad and remove the pop-ups.

    Explanation: Landing page experience refers to how good we think someone’s experience will be when they get to your landing page (the web page they end up on after clicking your ad). You can improve your landing page experience by:

    • providing relevant, useful, and original content,
    • promoting transparency and fostering trustworthiness on your site (for example, by explaining your products or services before asking visitors to fill out forms sharing their own information),
    • making it easy for customers to navigate your site (including on mobile sites), and
    • encouraging customers to spend time on your site (for example, by making sure your page loads quickly so people who click your ad don’t give up and leave your site prematurely).

    You can read more here: Ads/answer/2404197?hl=en

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