Hierarchy of Google Analytics data model

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What is the hierarchy of Google Analytics data model?

  • Users>Sessions>Interactions
  • Sessions>Visitors>Interactions
  • Interactions>Users>Sessions
  • Sessions>Users>Interactions

The Correct Answer is:

  •  Users>Sessions>Interactions

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Explanation: In the basic data model used in Google Analytics, the user (visitor) interacts with your content over a period of time, and the engagement with your site or app is broken down into a hierarchy. Each of these three levels of interaction defines a specific scope of user engagement.

  • User (visitor)—the client that visits the site, such as the browser or mobile phone operated by a person.
  • Session (visit)—the period of time during which the visitor is active on the site.
  • Interaction (hit)—the individual activities that send a GIF request (hit) to the Analytics servers. These are typically characterized by a pageview, but can include:
    1. a pageview
    2. an event (e.g. click on a movie button)
    3. a transaction
    4. a social interaction

 You can read more here: https://support.google.com/analytics/answer/6083670?hl=en

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