Bid Multiplier – Google Ads

    An advertiser that uses ad scheduling has a custom bid adjustment for 9pm- 12am on weeknights. The normal bid is USD$0.40 and the bid multiplier is 75%. How much is the advertiser bidding between 9pm-12am on weeknights?

    • USD$0.03
    • USD$0.33
    • USD$0.70
    • USD$0.30

    The correct answer is:

    • USD$0.70

    Explanation: A bid adjustment represents a percentage change in your bids. You can increase or decrease every bid in your campaign to bid more or less competitively across devices, locations, time of day, and more. You can also adjust your bids based on how your ads perform, helping to improve your return on investment (ROI).

    The correct answer is: Ads/answer/2732132?hl=en

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